Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tasting - "Foggy Ridge Hard Cider First Fruit"

Name: Foggy Ridge Hard Cider First Fruit
Variety: Hard Cider
Region: Virginia
Country: USA
Year: 2010
Price: $17.25
Winery Review: Though he failed as a winemaker, Thomas Jefferson excelled in cidermaking—Foggy Ridge Cider's First Fruit features Jefferson's favorite cider apple, the Hewe's Crabapple, as a key ingredient of this best selling blend. Ashmead's Kernel, Parmar, Harrison and Graniwinkle contribute to this crisp refreshing cider. Tannin from the crabapples as well as the Harrison apple, combined with acidity from Ashmead's Kernel create a balanced hard cider that is refreshing with meals or on its own. Expect a fresh apple aroma, tart fruit flavor with ginger and pear notes and rich mouth feel. First Fruit is made using only Virginia grown apples which makes it an exceptional Virginia Cider that Mr. Jefferson would be proud to drink. First First Fruit won a gold medal in the 2010 International Eastern Wine Competition as well as a gold medal at the State Fair competition in 2011. R.S. 1.3%

My Review: This was the first of the hard ciders I tasted. I have not had much experience with ciders but I will describe what I smelled and tasted. This cider smelled just like applesauce. It was very clean and had a huge explosion of apple taste. It seemed that it had a lot of residual sugars. I did enjoy it though.

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